Before it comes to deciding on the design of your new ethanol fireplace, it is essential to choose between automatics and manuals.

Manual burners are basically a simple box filled with several litres of  bio ethanol. The burner is actually the reservoir, which means that there is a direct contact between the fuel and the flame. To start the fireplace you need to use a lighter and ignite the fuel. Because of that, the odor is noticeable while the fireplace is on and when it is cooling down after shutdown. There is no flame height regulation or safety sensors, which makes the manual ethanol fireplaces more risky to use.

Automatic ethanol fireplaces are more technically advanced. The reservoir and burner are separated, which means that there is no direct contact between the fuel and the flame. This ensures cleanest combustion process and no smell, smoke or ash. Igniting and shutting down the device is fully automatic. The fireplace can be controlled with a remote or through control panel. Some models allows for wireless operation through smart devices and Smart Home systems. Automatic ethanol burners are equipped with safety sensors overseeing the work of the fireplace.

Below you can find an infographic which compares automatic and manual ethanol burners.

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