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What is an ethanol fireplace?

Ethanol fireplace for every interior

What is an ethanol fireplace ? Ethanol Fireplace is a type of fireplace alternative to gas, wood or electric units, they are fueled with alcohol a renewable energy source.They do not require any hard connections, they produce no smoke, smell, soot or ash. If you decided to buy a fireplace, you probably came across different […]

Automatic vs manual ethanol fireplaces

Before it comes to deciding on the design of your new ethanol fireplace, it is essential to choose between automatics and manuals. Manual burners are basically a simple box filled with several litres of  bio ethanol. The burner is actually the reservoir, which means that there is a direct contact between the fuel and the […]

Do ethanol fireplaces require venting?

Hearing about the ventless fireplace that burns with no smoke, smell or ash probably makes you think that it is too good to be true. It is real fire at the end of the day, so how is it possible? How come the fireplace doesn’t require chimney or additional ventilation? You can find the answers […]

Bio ethanol or gas fireplace?

Gas and bio ethanol fireplaces are some of the alternatives for anyone who wants to enjoy real fire without chopping wood. This article will show you the differences between them. Installation The most important is the difference in installation. Gas fireplace • Requires venting • Requires gas pipes connection • Requires permission to install • […]

Design to match your needs

Without a doubt, a huge advantage of bio fireplaces is the fact that they are ventless and don’t need chimney connection. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes, so anyone can find a perfect fit for their indoor or outdoor space. They are portable, and you can easily move them around and even use […]

Bio ethanol fireplaces vs wood-burning s...

Ethanol fireplace - long line of real fire

Everybody loves the dancing flames of a fireplace and the relaxing atmosphere it creates in any interior.  The most traditional fireplaces are wood-burning ones, which used to be the only available fire solution for home design. However, modern technology gave us a great alternative, ethanol fireplace. Today I’ll narrow the main differences between these two. […]