Without a doubt, a huge advantage of bio fireplaces is the fact that they are ventless and don’t need chimney connection. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes, so anyone can find a perfect fit for their indoor or outdoor space. They are portable, and you can easily move them around and even use them again in a different project.

Depending on the model, you can hang it on the wall, place it into an existing fireplace or create a stunning wall in the hole type of fire. Many manufacturers offer professional advice and the possibility of customizing fireplaces to match your needs.

Relight you fireplace

Bio ethanol inserts are a great way to upgrade existing fireplaces or bring back to life a non-working one. By placing an insert into a mantel, you can quickly and comfortably enjoy your new fully working fireplace. They are available in many sizes so choosing one for your existing fireplace shouldn’t be a problem. You can find modern models with glass and steel finish or more classic ones, which come with natural looking billets imitating wooden logs used in traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Ethanol burner for an existing fireplace


Hang it on the wall

And by hang it, I don’t mean ‘hole in the wall ‘ type of fireplace, but the one which can be placed on the wall like a framed painting. These unusual models are a great option for anyone who is looking for an original and innovative design. Like all bio ethanol fires, they don’t require hard connections, so there will be no pipes running across your wall. It is an eye-catching modern fire solution which will definitely become the focal point in a design.

WallFire - Ethanol fireplace hung on a wall

Line of fire

If you have an unconventional project and a standard unit doesn’t fit, there are bio ethanol fireplaces which can be customized to your needs. You can adjust their length and create a fireplace with flames forming an endless line. The most modern models available on the market allow you to control the entire fireplace with a single remote control or a smart device. They come in different colors and finishes. You can easily create an open fireplace between your living and dining room or just place one along the wall. Some of them come with a dedicated casing, which allows you to place the fireplace into the wall literally in minutes. As you can see the options here are unlimited, and the finish look of the whole project depends only on your vision and imagination.

Ethanol fire line in a wall

Outdoor fireplace

Who says that fireplaces belong indoors only?  There are ethanol fireplaces which are designed to be used outdoors. They come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose a table top one or a bigger, self-standing  model which will be a great addition to the garden or patio and a perfect decoration for BBQ and summer parties around the pool. Outdoor bio ethanol fireplaces look amazing and keep you warm during chilly evenings. They are portable and most of them can be also used inside which is great because everyone loves 2in1 solutions. Check out some great examples below!

As you can see, bio ethanol fireplaces come in many styles. They are perfect even for DIY projects. Doesn’t matter what are you looking for, the choice is huge, so you surely will find the perfect match for your taste and needs.

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