Everybody loves the dancing flames of a fireplace and the relaxing atmosphere it creates in any interior.  The most traditional fireplaces are wood-burning ones, which used to be the only available fire solution for home design. However, modern technology gave us a great alternative, ethanol fireplace. Today I’ll narrow the main differences between these two.


Let’s start from the beginning, as you all know, wood-burning stoves need chimney connection, which might be problematic when the space doesn’t have one. In that case, you need to add one which will require construction work and bear some extra costs to the whole project. After the installation is done, you still need to remember about the yearly maintenance and chimney cleaning services, which aren’t free either.

On the other hand, ethanol fireplaces are very easy to assemble and maintain. To have one, you do not  need a chimney, hard connections, construction work or technical services saving you time and money. Bio fireplaces do not have to be cleaned as they produce no soot or ash.

Ethanol fireplace easy to install

Bio fuel vs wood

Ethanol fireplaces run on bio fuel which you can find pretty much in any hardware store and even online. It is an ecological and biodegradable source of green energy. The only by-products of burning ethanol are water vapor, heat and CO2 (in amounts comparable to human breath).  Bio fuel comes in small bottles and is easy to store. These fireplaces are not to be used as central heating devices; they are more for decoration purposes, but they can heat up a single room.

For a wood burning stove you need WOOD! As you may know, wood needs to be chopped, dried and stored to have it ready for the winter. For some people who do not have the space and time this might be an issue. Traditional fireplaces generate enough heat to keep the whole house warm. They also produce ash and smoke which you can perceive in the air. What is more, carbon monoxide emission occurs.


Technology vs tradition

There are some automatic bio ethanol fireplaces that allow you to control the fire with mobile devices through Wi-Fi or by simply pushing a button. Most of them are equipped with multiple sensors which provides extra safety to the users.

Wood-burning stoves are not that technologically advanced. You need to go through the whole primitive process of starting a fire, and trust me, it takes several attempts.



As you can see, traditional wood-burning fireplaces and bio ethanol ones are different. If you are looking for a primary source of heating, then a wood-burning fireplace is for you. To increase the temperature of a single room, a bio ethanol fireplace will do it. They both allow you to enjoy the dancing flames of real fire and bring you coziness. Some people love tradition and others prefer technology. Deciding which one to buy comes down to your needs.